I am Proud Hmong-Alaskan

My name is Soneeta Vue and I am a fifth grade student at Pioneer Peak Elementary School. I am proud to be an Alaskan and love living in Alaska with my Hmong family.

My Hmong voice is different from my English voice because Hmong words are so different from English words. I am glad to know two languages.

I love living in Alaska because we can go to the store; play at home; and we can go anywhere we want to go. Sometimes Hmong people can go visit each other between Palmer and Anchorage. Hmong people love eating food at each others' houses and it's nice if kids can go to their cousin's houses to visit and have meals together.

I am glad I have some English friends too. I visit them at their houses and learn new words from them. I try to teach them to say some Hmong words and they say it is hard to remember Hmong sounds and words.

I love my school. I love learning new words in English. I love my best friends in Alaska. I love living in Alaska and I will live in Alaska forever.

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