Some AKABE members had talked about creating & sharing lessons centered around the times & places of learning. One of the big challenges we face as both learners and educators is integrating the learning of one place and time with the rest of our lives. For example, every year AKABE members have our big get-together, the BMEEC. In many ways it is like a class that has lessons only once a year. And like such a class, it is difficult to keep our lessons in mind during the many months until the next session begins. This wiki and the AKABE Online Ning are part of an effort to scaffold in ourselves and our colleagues an ongoing mindfulness of the opportunities all around us to learn about and to share language & culture. If these are issues that matter to you, please join us.*

Traditional Usage Monthly Language Lesson Plans

Lessons about the type of subsistence activities our cultures rely on. For example, October is the time of when there's slushy ice on the ocean, seal hunting, fishing for herrings, moose/caribou hunting, digging for masu, collecting stinkweed, having less daylight, collecting driftwood and so forth.

Learning all around us & all the time

Ideas for how to keep students learning language outside the weekly the lesson.

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