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Title: Alaska Native Languages &Cultures - Resources for Meaning Making
[In all 3 pages - each corresponding to the exploration of one column (theory & practice) of Bernard Mohan's Knowledge Framework or else up to 6 pages one for each Knowledge Structure.]

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Everyday Storytelling
and/or Local Storytelling Events

General note: organize wiki by "resources for meaning-making" - and for "abstraction" all their own, unique contribution to modern discourse

Tell the story of children's book evolution in Korea (perhaps create a separate page or pop-up page

Over the past several months, if not the last several years, I've been investigating the idea of how a literate society evolves from a non-literate one and especially what might be of relevance in evolving structures and resources for indigenous languages that might point to ways in which to evolve such oral communities according each one's own inner dynamics - in ways that might lead to very different places from those in which modern literate discourse has tended to go. After spending some time at the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School in Anchorage a few ideas occurred to me:

Oral pathways to literacy:
Using the pattern of development exhibited in James Moffett's approach to language arts & Vygotsky's outside-in principle. One could take something performed: such as a Korean sing-story (pansori) or an Alaska Native dance/drum performance and record it in images and words - either in a digital storytelling format or in a picture book format. Or, using spare line images evocative of story knifing, one could create a picture book reflective of this format. Other aspects of culture - either stories from past would be likewise modeled - first through enactment, recorded first in a moving medium (vdieo, say), then in a more edited format - through either digital storytelling or else in a picture book format.

심청가 - Shimcheong-ga is one of a corpus of traditional Korean sing-stories that are accompanied by drum

Alaska Native drumming/dancing
in pictures:
Nancy Slagle's blog - A Little Sketchy

Video examples:

Story Knifing:

Interactive feature:
Make your own story book - given the ideas above - have a little app in which you create & "publish" your own story, gets added to the collection, perhaps a weekly or monthly honor, sponsored by an AKABE patron

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Title: Alaska Native Values - a Natural Resource

The idea for this came from the Charles O'Reilly & Jeffrey Pfeffer paper based upon their similarly titled book: Unlocking the Hidden Value in Organizations. In which the the role of values is explored in relation to the people who constitute the organization. In particular, the matter of how in successful organizations values govern and are used to problem-solve developments & challenges. That is, choices are based upon values. In this case, the choices in question are those to be had in regards to Alaska Native languages. Maybe create a questionnaire that is based upon one that might be found in O'Reilly & Pfeffer's book and that would be generated and tracked using Google docs - forms feature.