In English

It's -48 degrees with ice fog and it's the middle of January. I live in North Pole, Alaska.

I am 8 years old. My family is from the island of Micronesia where I was born. Right now, it would be about 80 degrees F in Micronesia!

My family came to Alaska to have a better life. We were very poor there. Here we have a better chance to get a good education. Even though we are in Alaska we still be Chuukese.

On special holidays we listen to CD music from Micronesia and we dance.

We shake moving our legs and hands in our Chuukese way.

In the summer we go to Valdez and fish. Our family eats a lot of fish. We clean it, cut off the skin and bones, and eat it raw with lime and salt. It is so good! When we fish all we need is a stick, a string, and a hook. We always come home with a lot of fish.

It is good for my family to be here in Alaska. I know some day I will go back to Micronesia and share my Alaskan stories with my cousins and friends.

In Chuukese

Ren non ei famson me ekei 48 patapat me ice toputop fan ei January. Ngang u nom North Pole, Alaska.

Nganguwa wanu year old. Ai family re eto seni non Micronesia ikannganguputiw me ice Ren ukukun pichikaren non ei fansoun gopickikar F non Micronesia

Ai family re eto ngeni non Alaska punfonuwem amen osupwangen metoch menisin Iei am mwa maren tufich me ikei. Fenge me och ei sukun ikei, Nge am non Alaska am seni Chuukese.

Non atun ekewe fansoun holiday am auseni CD konun Micronesia poruk pwapwa. Ren sokpaten poruk non chuuk.

Non summer am oukan no Valdez no ataw. Meinisin chochon ai family monge ik ochochch am oukan nimeti sarisi sinin moneno chun sasimi no laimis me nig.

Uuame sani ai nom non Alaska nge ngang upwe pwan niwiniti Micronesia upwe fang ngeni tetenin pwo me fefinei me chicheiei porousei me non Alaska.

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