I'm proud to be an Alaskan because: in the summer we could go and explore our beautiful land and it's resources. We could go to our fish camp and stay on the beach and look out onto the bay and see our wonderful view without hearing cars and trucks going by like in the city. In the cities all you would see is buildings, roads and noise. In rural Alaska we have a huge land that our animals live in. In our villages all we hear is 4-wheelers going and kids laughing and playing and having a great time.

We also have our elders to teach us things like speaking Yupik, and doing crafts like making grass baskets, kuspaks, dance fans, head dresses, and much more things. Our elders would also to teach us the way of life by telling us the Bristol Bay Yupik values. These values are a way of showing our pride as an Alaska Native.

I also love our Native foods. There are many different kinds from stinky fish heads (tepa) to Eskimo ice cream (akutakq). I love having dry meat with seal oil. We also would get together to have potlucks for birthdays, anniversaries and also to tell stories. Like would also have Native dances to help tell stories in funnier ways.

I'm also proud to be an Alaskan because our fishing seasons in the summers are just wonderful. No wonder there are so many people that come up here to fish. I also like to see the sun rise in the summer. I love to hear baby birds chirping away. I love hearing the birds singing in the morning. Most of all, I love seeing the fish strips in my mom's smoke house during the summer. I imagine how wonderful they are going to taste when they're ready.

I love it when I go in a plane and see all our pretty green grass and trees in the summer. I love seeing our view of the mountains and the blue sky and clouds behind it. I love seeing the rainbow in the sky right after the rain. I like it when the northern lights come out at night during the winter months. To sum it all down, I love the whole Alaska region.

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