Proud To Be Filipino/American

I'm from the Philippines and I speak three languages: Pampango, Tagalog, and English. I celebrate Filipino traditions even if I'm in a different country. I would be happy to tell you about how proud I am to be Filipino/American. I will also tell you the difference between Alaska and the Philippines.

When I came to Alaska, I felt like I was stupid because I barely spoke English. When I went to elementary school, I was shy because there were only a couple of us who were new in that class. I made some friends that taught me how to speak more English.

The school in Philippines is different than the school in Alaska because here we get free education. In Philippines we have to pay for our own education and we have to buy our own items. If you compare the two countries in their way of school, in Alaska is much better because here we get an opportunity.

What I love about Alaska is that I get to hang out with my friends and play basketball and table tennis. I sometimes do my homework at the Recreation Center. I also love the view of glacier. I also like English songs especially rock and pop music. I'm also into Filipino music.

I still eat Filipino food at home even though I'm in America. I sometimes celebrate Filipino traditions and American traditions. One of the American traditions is Thanksgiving on the last week of November. One of the Filipino traditions is All Saints Day on November 1.

Now, I get A's and B's in all of my classes. I want to be an engineer in the future because I love science and math. I will take four years of math and science in high school to reach my goal.

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