We have just completed our 36th annual Bilingual Multicultural Equity Education Conference. For more information on what occurred click here.

Coming Soon: History of BMEEC & AKABE.

Birth of AKABE 1980.pdf According to a letter (see linked file) written by AKABE's first president, EMMA G. Widmark, AKABE was inaugurated at the 1980 Alaska Bilingual Multicultural Education Conference.

Here also is the program for the 1979 BMEC as well as a report that was published upon completion of the conference. Back in those days, there was no second "e" in BMEEC.
BMEEC79 Program.pdf
5th BMEEC Report.pdf

And here is a list of all the themes & conferences that I have been able to determine to date. If you know of any others please add them or let me (Phil Farson) know.
BMEEC History.doc